Stunning Conference Rooms

    Today's conference rooms are where the heart of you business resides. All the important decisions that decide the ebb and flow of your company are made here, so seamless use of this space is of the upmost importance. Let us automate all the tedious time consuming aspects of your conference rooms so you can focus on what you do best. From drop down projection screens, bright data projectors and clean clear audio, we'll take care of it all.

When corporate needs to discuss important matters with satellite facilities, outside sales, or third parties we can connect you with an advanced yet simple to use telepresence systems. Save thousands of dollars every year in travel cost with HD video conferencing.

Houses of Worship

    When designing A/V systems for places of worship, you need the correct balance of clear intelligible audio mixed with an unobtrusive design. We can can set you up with a complete package of high contrast projection video, a vast set of microphone options, and line array speakers so your congregation feels completely brought into the celebration. We offer integration with cutting edge digital software such as Pro Presenter and utilizing live feeds to spread your message.

Secure Your Networking

    Having a well thought out audio system is crucial for the correct ambiance in your establishment. No more dealing with annoying hums or muffled audio. We'll design a complete and easy to use distributed audio sysetm that sets the mood for your business and drives in more clientele.

Complete IT Infrastructure

    When it comes to sports bars and the hospitality industry we have a strong foothold in the community. From restaurants such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Ulysses Gastropub, Caffe Gelato and countless others we know how to do digital video and audio. With newly established digital video content, distrubuting video feeds can be tricky and cumbersome. We navigate the world of DRM for you so your staff can control all displays with the touch of a button. That way your patrons get what they want without disrupting other video feeds. We make sure your employee's responsiblities don't come to a grinding hault while they try to navigating a frustrating outdated A/V system.

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