Tri-State Security & Controls was founded almost 10 years ago, focusing on the day’s state of the art consumer electronics A/V sector. We migrated to control systems where we expanded our reach to every possible electronic component of the modern home. From smart energy management, to green thermostats, to advanced and connected security systems, our integrated reach is vast.

Realizing the potential of our integration knowledge we moved to the commercial sector where we saw enormous benefits. With the growing demand of today’s market, businesses are expected to produce consistently perfect results and it’s our goal to help management deliver. Whether it be pristine digital audio and video, simple lighting control, massive energy savings, or peace of mind from a security and surveillance system. The services offered by TSC continue to grow!

There’s a dizzying array of electronics companies to choose from. With a service market so segmented, we aim to create a unified low voltage provider so you don’t have to deal with endless hours of searching and constant finger pointing when something goes wrong.

Always wanted to control your lights with your phone but didn’t’ know how? Call us! Would love a custom theater room but feel overwhelmed by the technology options? Call us! That way when you feel like watching a movie you can hit play, watch your lights dim, and make sure your equipment and loved ones are safe with a security system. Sleep easy knowing that with TSC you have one number to call to take care of it all.