Video Monitoring

    Protecting your business inside and out is important. With video monitoring you can ensure your facility is being monitored 24/7 to help protect against break-ins and theft, using some of the same analytics as the TSA. With our monitoring systems you can track whether a person or vehicle is trespassing on your property.

You will be immediately notified as we call the proper authorities. We provide real human verification so you no longer have to worry about false alarms from wildlife or natural phenomenons with clumsy motion sensors or photo beams. We’ll provide a watchful eye over all your valuable assets inside and out so you don’t have to worry about a costly security guard.

In CCTV IP is the New HD

    I’m sure you’ve seen that graining, pixelated security camera footage on the news of some poor convenience store and asked, “How on earth can anyone tell who that is??” We agree! No longer fall victim to blurry images again. With Megapixel cameras that carry video over Cat5 network cable you can now watch vivid, crystal clear HD video through your surveillance system. With stunning 1080p video you will have the same clarity as Blu-ray movies through inexpensive scalable network cable your video is streamed over IP to your NVR (Network Video Recorder) mobile device & laptop, all simultaneously. With HD video not only can you see the faces of your suspects but the dollar signs on your cash registers.

Why Do I Need Surveillance?

    You may find yourself asking, how would I benefit from a surveillance system? It’s a good question with a simple answer… Peace of mind. You will never be in the dark when it comes to your business. Keep an eye on all your employees to make sure safety standard are adhered to, make sure daily operating standards are kept for quality assurance and deter prospective criminals.

Mobile Viewing

    Owning and managing a business is demanding, especially if you have multiple store fronts or facilities. Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep a watch over all your properties without having to be on site? At TSC we give you the ability to do just that. Using any smart phone or computer you can login to your business to watch any camera's live as well as previously recorded video. We also give you the ability to record video clips of suspicious activity remotely so you no longer have to be at your DVR. Never feel distant or removed from your business again with mobile viewing.

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