Sports Bar Control

    When you have dozens of displays feeding all types of media from digital signage, to HD football games to up-to-date live news broadcast, controlling content can be a nightmare for your personnel. This can be even more frustrating when you have multiple cable boxes hanging below each TV with wires dangling everywere.

Luckily that is a thing of the past! With cutting edge touch screen controls your staff can easily navigate through all your sources to quickly and easily cater to customer needs. From integrated iPad/iPhone controls to built-in custom designed touch screens, we do it all!

Building Automation

    With so many disparate system; lights, HVAC, Audio, Video, Security, Surveillance, it's literaly impossible to efficiently handle all of these without some sort of help. That's where building automation comes in. Have all your sub systems work in complete harmony with BACnet and never feel like you're not running as smoothly as possible.

Energy Management Solutions

    Every cent is important when you're a growing business. Not only that, but it just plain feels good to know you're doing your part when it comes to being green. With software such as Crestron Fusion-EM you can keep track of energy usage and make sure you're not wasting valuable capital.

Smart Control

Smart controls means not having to rely on multiple discrete hand held controls when you can use one single touch screen that you have with you at all times... your smart phone! Never be at a loss for control with TSC's smart control solutions. We provide the lastest in capactive touch controls which can be branded to display your companies logo and corporate colors. We don't leave until you're 100% comfortable with your system and offer in-depth on-site training.

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