What is Digital Signage

    One of the most common questions we here from small/medium business owners is "What exactly is Digital Signage?" With so many buzz words that are flying around today, that's an excellent question.

Digital Signage simply means utilizing your flat panel HD displays for more than just Sunday's NFL lineup or cable news during the lunch rush. Digital Signage allows you to display what your business offers. Your unique services for all to see. This means you don't ever have to worry your customers aren't informed about what you offer or what big upcoming event is being hosted. We make sure everyone in your store or restaurant knows what sale is going on or what's the day's current special item is.

Captivating Content Creation

    Great displays, easy to update software, and a clean install is only half the battle when it comes to digital signage for your business. Having great content is the other half.

We understand not every company is going to have a dedicated graphics or marketing team, and outsourcing to other graphics artists who design primarily in print can be risky. That's why we give every business the option to let us create and manage your digital content. Allow us to create a product specific design that fits your needs.

Dynamic Menu Boards

    Menu boards are a great way to showcase your delicious specials and present your chef's creations front and center. With dynamic displays utilize the most delicious pictures of your special items and create awe-inspiring digital menus that draw in new business. Not to mention elastic menu pricing is easy with a click of the button.

Boost Retail Sales

    Signage is a proven method for showcasing your best products. No more flat, uninteresting posters or pamphlets. Add motion to your sales with easy to create animations and vivid colors. With easy to use software you can quickly change out products, update pricing and create interesting marketing materials.

And don't think marketing your product simply means HD content on existing flat panel displays. We can provide interactive kiosks and QR codes to bring your target audience into your stores and direct them to key product categories. Don't hesitate, ask us how we can help!

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