Public Hotspots and Your Business

    You're clientele expects fast hotspots that are easily connected to. You expect your network to be secure and not bogged down with high traffic from guests. That's where we come in. We'll setup a fast secure WiFi Guest network for your company and customize the experience to your liking. Have your daily specials show up when the customer first logs in, direct them to your social media of choice, or give them a simple splash screen to launch from. The possibilities are limitless.

In CCTV IP is the New HD

    Navigating the world of IT can be confusing, and frankly detrimental to your establishment if done incorrectly. We provide a full range of IT solutions to choose from, releaving the headache from you and your staff. Whether it's integrating your POS devices into the network or syncing your local computers together, we're here to help.

That goes for cloud networking too. With a complete list of services like off-site backup to streaming digital media, having a robust balanced network is an absolute must when it comes to the cloud. We'll analyze your systems and make sure you're operating at peak performance.

Secure Your Networking

    A secure network means you can operate worry free of prying eyes and malicious hackers knowing your data is safe. A firewall, whether it's hardware or software based or even both, can keep you from having to worry about identity theft and stolen information.

Complete IT Infrastructure

    It's more then just surfing the web anymore. More and more devices are communicating via ethernet, so having a strong network infrastructure is absolutely imperative. Your POS, streaming media services, off-site backups, inventory management, all the way to HVAC and lighting are all examples of how your businesses most important crucial electronics need a strong network backbone

We are a total service IT company, carrying all you're critical network parts. Whether it's enterprise class routers, VPN servers, harwired firewalls, or robust access points with great coverage, we can handle it.

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